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How to use SEFI®?

The use of SEFI® is now recommended by the French Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (SFNEP) for the evaluation of patients’ food intake(6).

Every member of the healthcare team can use SEFI® with patients.

Using SEFI® is simple, and can be performed according to two different procedures, each of them consisting of a single question asked to the patient:

A visual analogue scale
Question: How much do you eat at this moment, ranging from ‘‘nothing at all’’ to ‘‘as usual’’?
The patient indicates the amounts of food she/he presently eats by using the slider on the scale.
The result, between 0 and 10, is shown overleaf.

A visual assessment of consumed portions
Order: “Please indicate the amount of food you have consumed during your latest meal (lunch or dinner).”
Using the cursor or a finger, the patient assesses the portions she/he has consumed during her/his latest meal (lunch or dinner).

SEFI In community-based practice

How to Use SEFI<sup>®</sup>

6. Senesse P et al. SFNEP oncology nutrition guidelines: summary of statements. Nutr Clin Metab 2012;26:151–158.